Neon Paddle 4 Person Pedal Boat

From USD $129.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Henderson, NV

Our Neon Paddle events will always start at Reflection Bay or the Westin Lake Las Vegas. Due to the winds if you rent a Pedal boat it will be a ONE-WAY rental. This means that your trip will start at Reflection Bay or the Westin and it will end at the Village. We will then have shuttle transportation for you at the village (free of charge) that will take you back to our starting location for the after party which includes pizza. 

What's included? 

- Free pizza at the end of the paddle

- Your requested watercraft for the duration of the concert

- 1-2 Hours on the water (as long as your on time)

- Glow supplies

- Free water jetpack show (pending performer is available)

- LED light up foam sticks upon request

- Special promo code after the event for future booking
- Free shuttle back to our starting location

Our night begins with a pre-game party at Reflection Bay beach/Westin LLV in which we supply you with limitless neon glow supplies to light up the lake as we paddle to our destination. At the beach, we have a tiki bar with food and drinks along with numerous beach games. Be sure to come early to enjoy the beach and bonfires. 

Our paddle will begin when the sky is dark. Once we hit the water, it will take approximately 30-45 minutes to reach our destination where we will meet a floating dock with our own live DJ, LED lights, and flame blowers to light up the sky! We will paddle around at this destination to enjoy the music and views for 45 minutes before returning to Reflection Bay/Westin LLV. Once the paddle has finished, we don’t stop the party! Stick around for an after party either on the beach or at the Montelago Village where food and water will be available.

Locations do vary between Westin Hotel LLV and Reflection Bay Golf Course. When you register make sure you attach your phone number to receive a text the night before with the address and details!! Hope to see you there.

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LLVWS Cancellation, Reschedule, Late, Weather Policy

*Cancellation and rescheduling policy: Anything inside 48 hours of reservation time there is a no refund, no change/reschedule policy. Anything outside of 48 hours can be refunded at a 40% surcharge.

Example: If you make a reservation on September 1 for Sept 10  and the amount of order is $100 and you want to cancel Sept 3 & receive a refund you will receive $60 back.

If you would like to reschedule before Sept 8th there is no charge. On Sept 9/10 there is a no change, no refund policy in place.  (Traffic, accident, the passing of family/friend, sickness, etc). If you can not find the location, this IS NOT an exception to be late.  If you have a deposit on file with us and you are marked as a no-show or you show up late your card on file will still be charged in full.

All rescheduling requests MUST BE MADE BY EMAIL to

Late Policy: If you are late to your appointment we will remove the necessary amount of time from your appointment to match the time your appointment should have finished at.

Weather cancellation: If the weather turns for the worse we will reschedule you to the next available time slot that suits your schedule. NO REFUNDS are given due to poor weather, wind, rain, thunderstorms, or lake closures. At check out you will be asked to agree that you understand that policy. We will always reschedule if there is a weather cancellation. The only circumstance where we will not reschedule you is if you are marked as a no-show to your appointment. If you arrive 15 minutes or more late to your appointment you are marked as a no-show and rescheduling will not be an option for you.

**All prices and offerings are subject to change without notice. After party food and location is also subject to change without notice.**

Dates & Location of Event: 

Neon Paddles Hosted At Reflection Bay Beach:

May 16
June 6
June 27
Firework Paddle
July 18
August 1
September 7
September 19

Neon Paddles Hosted at Westin Lake Las Vegas:
May 11
June 15
August 29
October 5